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Parenting Plans

As a Divorce Professional, Judy will design in collaboration with the parents, an individualized  Parenting Plan that provides scheduling options while considering a familyís background, circumstances, needs and preferences. Great care is taken to address the different developmental needs of the children.

The creation of parenting plans has become a standard element of divorce preparation. The goal is to create a successful parenting plan that incorporates sufficient detail to ensure that the children will not experience ongoing arguments and conflicts between their parents. Remember, your child has one life but shares two homes.

Essentially, parenting plans are official blueprints that have been developed to address most of the typical situations that can arise between separating or divorced parents. Although most parenting plans share similar components, some are not as detailed as others. It is important to note that parenting plans should be specific to the developmental needs of the children and that the higher the conflict, the more detail that should be included in the document.

As children age and pass through new developmental stages, effective parenting plans must evolve to meet the needs of the children according to their location on the developmental spectrum. Following are examples of areas that would typically be included in a parenting plan:

Primary and/or joint custody and residence

Holiday/special days schedule

Emergency treatment and care

Pick up and return arrangements

Right of first refusal

Move-away restrictions

Telephone, mail, and e-mail contact

Transportation arrangements

Transfer of clothing, toys, and accessories

Travel arrangements and conditions

Daycare arrangements

Educational arrangements and schooling

Religious education

Visitation/parenting time denial

Grandparents and extended family

Extracurricular activities

Birthdays child and parentís

Financial responsibilities

Medical/dental care

Vacation agreement/restrictions

Child counselling and/or therapy


Furthermore, parenting plans should address the following issues: parent time schedules, transitions, communication, decision making, tools and resources for post-divorce parenting types of tools and resource might include: names of parenting coordinators, educational consultants, financial consultants; mutually agreed upon medical/dental/mental health professionals and parenting class or coaching resources as well as a mechanism to solve disputes when they arise.


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